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Compact Vacuum Car Cleaner

compact vacuum car cleaner - detrenda - 5star compact car vacuum cleaner

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  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Clean with 2 performance modes
  • Big performance. Small size.
  • 4000PA cyclonic suction
  • Wireless runs on battery
  • 2000 mAh lithium-ion batteries

Tired of feeling Dirty?

You don’t need a standard household-sized vacuum cleaner to get your vehicle interior spic-span clean.

And there’s no reason to struggle with dragging such a big machine out to your car for detailing — especially when we’ve got something that blends high performance with smaller size. Our Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner measures just 14.88 inches in length and weighs just 1.45 pounds for an easy-to-store cleaning powerhouse right in your car.

Built with a washable HEPA filter and 600ML large-capacity dust cup, cleanup of dust, crumbs, pet hair, and allergens is easy (and incredibly detailed) with our little cleaner device. Recognized as a leading filter that’s often found in larger-sized vacuum devices, HEPA reduces the possibility of recycling debris back into the air as you vacuum, making it a standout feature on this otherwise small-sized vacuum. The filter is washable with water for reuse over and over.

  • Improved driving experience
  • Happier & more confident having people drive with you
  • No more messy floors or seats

Say goodbye to your messy and dirty car once and for all with our compact vacuum car cleaner”

The Compelling Features That Make This A Must Buy

compact car vacuum cleaner powerful motor

Powerful Motor

60W power turbine motor that provides stable, powerful 4000PA cyclonic suction for powerful cleaning and suction. Crumbs, dust, and dirt don’t stand a chance with our ultra-cleaning power.

compact vacuum car cleaner - detrenda - compact car vacuum cleaner2

Two Cleaning Modes

Two 2200 mAh high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, the Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner reaches full power capacity within three to four hours.

Our vacuum has a standard mode that runs for 20 minutes and an enhanced mode, which runs for 15 minutes.

Note that each full charge allows for only one mode cycle of use.

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Accessories Included

Comes with two handy attachments: a brush nozzle and a tip nozzle. Both help you reach deeper into crevices and cracks and textured surfaces (between seats or gear-shift knob and cup holders) for richer, better clean.

Meet the People Who bought Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

Real Results from Our Satisfied Customers

Powerful, Easily Cleaned!!”

“Good quality vacuum cleaner, exactly as described, recommend this store. This Vacuum is a godsend! For anyone with kids, dogs, or maybe a clumsy husband… this is for you!”

Karen Wallace

“Finally, I got rid of The Sand!”

“Decided to buy this vacuum cleaner because we have a baby and we need to keep our surroundings clean. We were pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery, packaging, and the bag that it came with making it very convenient to carry around and keep at one place. The vacuum itself is powerful, easily cleaned out the sand from the car seats, as well as the other dirt from the floor mat. The chord is long, so you don’t have to worry about the back seats and trunk. Easy to clean, comes with an extension to get into narrow spots. We’re satisfied!”

Gerald Lee

“Suction is Strong, Very Quick”

“We used this vacuum on our cars a couple of weeks after it arrived. For some background, I haven’t thoroughly cleaned our car in quite some time and this vacuum did a great job on the interior! The suction is strong, very quick, and easy to dump out the canister, and the cord reaches all throughout the vehicle. We are very pleased with this purchase. Thanks!”

Craig Wilson

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today

5star compact car vacuum cleaner
  • A powerful compact car vacuum cleaner
  • Accessories that make cleaning easier & faster
  • Free fast USPS Priority shipping