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Personal protective face mask for performance sports
A unisex sports face mask equipped with a PM 2.5 activated carbon filter and breathing valves. Great for outdoor activities including running, walking, and cycling.
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The protective sports mask features
Breathable, durable, mesh mask shell
Mesh mask shell
Made of air-permeable technical fabric that allows your skin to breathe in hot climate applications.
Active carbon filters
Active carbon filters isolate dust, pollen, mold, fumes, common airborne irritants, and other non-oil based particles.
Dual one-way discharge valves
The breathing valves are designed to release hot, humid exhaled breath quickly, helping to prevent an unpleasant build-up of heat inside the facepiece.
Reusable and washable
The outer mesh can be washed when needed. The inner filters and valves are easily replaceable.
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Protection and comfort
This mask features dual inhalation valves to allow optimal airflow during exercise. The adjustable velcro closure, anti-slip ear loops, and adjustable nose clip keep you comfortable while protected.
About JupiterGear
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Jupiter Gear began with our founder, Pez Elias, who had an interest in promoting awareness around health and fitness.

Today, Jupiter Gear adheres to the concept that everyone is an athlete, and it influences everything that we do. Our vision is to break the barriers that limit you, encourage you to have a positive self-image, and empower you to believe that you already are an athlete. We do this by supplying you with the fitness gear you need to become an athlete – your way!

By offering extraordinary fitness products with an athlete’s eye, we are driven to make you feel inspired every single day. Our calendars are marked by yoga practices and Spartan races. The rest of the time we’re encouraging someone to do squats or take the stairs. We create equipment we use ourselves, and we design clothing we wear every day.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working out for some time, we believe in you. Much more than a store selling workout gear, we see ourselves as an ally along your fitness journey. We’re here to prepare you for your immediate health goals as well as the bigger ones down the road.

This means small, gradual actions. Consistency. Patience. Most of all, positive thinking. Our hope is that our fitness gear has a place in all your weekend warrior adventures as well as your quiet moments of self-reflection. So, think bigger and achieve more. Get motivated to become your best self; don’t accept excuses, only results.

We’ll gear you up along the way!

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5 reviews for Sports Mask With Carbon Filter

  1. G***t

    Best Sport Mask of it’s kind, it’s so far the best Face Mask I’ve ever wore, I tried quite a few, this is the best fit, comfortable and my face don’t sweat much, it’s good for hot weather, better than neoprene, there are similar design out there but this one really fits like a glove so to speak, I tried a few others, some hurts on the nose, some don’t covers the chin, and there’s some that’s heavy on the ear and will hurt after wearing it for quite some time, but this one I could wear it all day, and the seller is always there to answer any question and concerns, it’s worth the wait.

  2. K***e

    Stylish, classic black color will always go with any fashion. Comfortable and lightweight. No strong odor of chemicals or plastics. Give it a little air out or rinse and you won’t notice a thing. Quality stitching and production.

  3. B***n

    Love it. Comfortable. I feel protected.

  4. S***a

    Very comfortable and very breathable! Husband purchased an adult one for his self and our son wanted one to match so we purchased this one

  5. N***k

    Great mask, fit is perfect. Very breathable. I haven’t complained at all wearing this. Great purchase.

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Sports Mask With Carbon Filter



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