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Find your way, any way
When reception on your phone is bad, there’s no way to know where you are. That’s why our Ace Camp Foldable Map Compass With Mirror gives you the old-school physical compass you can depend on, no matter where you are.
See it all, do it all
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Built-in convenience
Our compass features rulers along the side for any measuring need you need whether you’re rock-collecting or fishing. A mirror is also built in for safety.
Easy to carry
Our compass measures 7.87” x 0.79” x 4.33” (L x W x D) for bring-along convenience.
Ace the outdoors game
At Ace Camp, we know what it means to be in the wilderness, exploring, hiking, camping — and having a good time. That’s why we made it our mission to sell all your outdoor essentials for safety and convenience for over two decades. Shop our selection gear today for your next big trip.
About AceCamp

It shouldn’t be hard to answer the call of the wild, to become fully immersed in the outdoors and be prepared for whatever nature throws at you. Here at Ace Camp, our mission is to deliver outdoor enthusiasts the gear that becomes the catalyst that gets you out there.The experience is everything, and we’re here to make it easier for you to have those unforgettable adventures.

We understand that it’s essential to trust your equipment. Quality has been our number-one priority since Ace Camp was established internationally in 2000. Since that time, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality products for reasonable prices for a broad range of outdoor activities. With over 200 products in our line of camping equipment and emergency preparedness gear, we outfit customers around the world for adventures close to home or far-away. Even when roughing it, certain necessities can elevate a decent outing to the trip of a lifetime.

In 2012 we moved operations to the outdoor mecca of Salt Lake City as a base to pioneer new products and better serve the American market. Our state of the art facility guarantees that you get your order fast and on time. Now all you have to worry about is which adventure you’re planning on next.

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Utah, Salt Lake City
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Ace Camp Foldable Map Compass With Mirror



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